CNC Wood Lathes

Whether stair parts, knobs, parts machined on their internal and external surface – the tasks vary as much as the workpieces. By means of 6 or 8 variable tool stations clamped parts can be turned, drilled or milled.

In 1994 our top-of-the-line model DFC 1700 was an absolute novelty and thus awarded the Bavarian State Prize for innovation and outstanding technical achievements.
Apart from that, we also offer smaller CNC lathes with or without tool stations equipped with one or two main spindles.

cnc wood lathes
wood copy lathes

Wood Copy Lathes

The KS 1100 is best suitable for the production of chairs, coat racks, sandals, gunstocks etc. In very short time it produces perfect copies of a template by scanning its surface with continuously variable pressure. With different upgrade levels from 1 to 4 spindles, reversal of the rotational direction and a wide range of accessories, this machine offers the best solution for any demand.

The electronic control system with the user-friendly arrangement of its elements enables a fast familiarization so that no professionals are required to operate the machine.