Machine Engineering

Unser Unternehmen ist spezialisiert auf die Entwicklung und den Bau von HSC-Fräsmaschinen, Sondermaschinen, Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen und Hochfrequenzmotoren.

High Speed Milling Machines

High Speed Milling Machines to increase productivity in high and low volume production.

The particular advantage of this machine is that it is easy to operate and therefore highly cost-effective. Every, guideway of the machine is protected form dust by an air flow, which even allows the processing of abrasive materials like graphite (as in the production of electrodes).

This machine is ideal for a wide range of applications, for instance in any field of precision and medical engineering (even the smallest milling cutters are posiible), prototyping and low volume production out of steel, fraphite, copper, aluminium, plastics or special-purpose materials.

Woodworking Machines

High Frequence Motors

Our motors are installed primarily in special-purpose machines, which are used to machine and grind materials like metal, wood and plastics.

We supply three-phase motors and speed controllers (frequency converters) to reach rotational speeds up to 70,000 rpm.
Labyrinth seals prevent dust from the motors, which enables us to operate them even under difficult working conditions.